Real Moments Class

The Real Moments Class offers ongoing photography education with guidance from two experienced mentors Tyler Wirken and Huy Nguyen.

We’re very excited to share our extensive knowledge and field experience in helping you become better Real Moments photographers in weddings and family photography.

We will present weekly online classes, photo critiques, discussion topics as well as innovative techniques that we'll fearlessly try out. Because our aim is to create classes and content that are relevant to your needs, we will ask for feedback from you. You can participate as much as you want or watch the recordings on your own later.

Try us free for 14 days. 

See you on the inside!


McKenzie Ring

Tyler is an INCREDIBLE teacher and I can honestly say he has become one of the most influential persons in my career as a wedding photojournalist.

What I love about learning from Tyler is that he's real and not a "fluffer". He's honest, even when you don't want to hear it. He WANTS you to be better and to learn. Not only did Tyler change my whole perspective on photography, he truly changed my perspective on life, and I will be forever grateful.

Vlad Lodoaba

I had the privilege to have both Huy and Tyler as mentors in the past, both separate and together. My first workshop with Huy was in 2012; Tyler was my mentor during the Foundation workshop in 2018 and I interacted with both ever since. 

I still have a to-improve list that I constantly refer back to from Huy’s workshop. Huy is a solid photographer, but also a big thinker who will not hesitate to ask hard questions about who you are as a person, photographer and businessman/woman and how that relates to the images you produce. And the thing about self-improvement - it never stops. 

Tyler’s raw honesty and commitment to moment-driven photography are unparalleled. I won’t lie, it is hard to please Tyler photographically, but when you do you can truly feel proud of yourself. Tyler can produce great images with solid composition and compelling storytelling in any circumstances and with any camera and he expects the same outcome from his students. He taught me how to stop relying on visual gimmicks for my photography and instead focus on the connection that will produce honest and real images. 

None of these things are for everyone. But if you feel that self-discovery is part of your photography journey, and if you feel that unscripted moments are important to you and you want to improve on that, any workshop with Tyler and Huy will be hugely beneficial.

Aniya Emtage

Honestly, I can't even tell you how much you need this if you are serious about true documentary wedding photography and learning. Learn from the best.

I’ve always wanted to photograph weddings in the way that Tyler teaches, but I had no idea HOW. Holy smacks, this course breaks it down for you, and Tyler speaks to you so that you GET IT. He is a no stones left unturned, shares way more than I had expected, answers questions completely and fully, yet is tough and honest - which is incredible.